Back to School 2018 - 2019
Registration Dates and Times
  • The following items are required for registration:
    1. A Photo ID for the Parent/Guardian

    2. A Social Security Card for the Student (NOT required, preferred. SISD will not refuse enrollment of any student opting not to provide a social security card/number.)

    3. An Immunizations Record for the Student

    4. Proof of Identification and Age for the Student (any one of these items)
      • Birth Certificate *
      • Hospital Birth Record
      • Adoption Records
      • Church Baptismal Record
      • Driver’s License
      • Passport
      • School ID card, record, or report card
      • Military ID
      • Any other legal document that establishes identity

    5. Proof of Residency ( two or more of these items)
      • A driver’s license or photo I.D. with current address (expired licenses may not be used)
      • Property Tax Statement
      • Apartment/House Rental Contract
      • Proof of home purchase
      • Utility Bill/Installation (current or previous month) water, gas, electricity, telephone (landline), cable, etc.
      • Voter Registration Card

    If you do not have proof or residency documentation please contact the Seguin ISD Human Resource Dept. at 1221 E. Kingsbury St. or (830) 401-8615 in order to obtain a notarized Seguin ISD Shared Residency form.
    * A certified birth certificate is required for all new students under 11 years of age, per the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 63.019.

    Enrollment Information for Homeless Students or Unaccompanied Youth
    When enrolling a student in a Seguin ISD campus, if you live in a shelter, in a motel or transitional housing, in an abandoned building, car, campground, on the street, or in a temporary foster home with an adult who is not your parent of legal guardian, you do not need to provide the following to enroll in school:

    Proof of residence
    Immunization records or TB skin test result
    Birth certificate
    School records
    Legal guardianship papers