Superintendent Student Advisory Team

Ella Kennington

Weinert Elementary School


Leadership to me means to be kind and loyal, trustworthy and respectful. A leader I aspire to be like is my mom. Other people should look up to my mom because she is caring and sweet, she listens to everyone and she works very hard at work.


I participate in UIL spelling and oral reading. In third grade I was in UIL spelling and writing and in spelling I won 2nd place and in writing I earned 6th place. In fourth grade I earned 2nd place in spelling and in writing I earned 1st place.


My favorite hobby of all time is art. I love art because it calms me down on busy school days. My favorite place to go would have to be the Davis Mountains because it is so much more than beautiful. My favorite foods to eat are crackers with hummus, tacos and spaghetti. My favorite movie is Inside Out because of all the fun characters. Lastly, my favorite musician is Mozart or Beethoven because of their beautiful songs.


When I grow up I want to help others and teach them and help them to grow up and be successful. I want to make people laugh and smile. I want to become a teacher or a veterinarian or an artist because those are my greatest passions. I want to be someone else’s leader!